Ivor O’Connor

December 23, 2011

Better Hosting Here

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I saw this article today “Ditch GoDaddy’s SOPA-Loving Butt and Get a Better Web Host at a Discount” and it caught my attention. I left GoDaddy a long time ago but it doesn’t hurt to have a list of good hosting providers that are not out to damage the World.

2011.12.28 UPDATE: GoDaddy has lost a huge amount of business and has reversed their position on SOPA. They are a business after all and will follow the money. (It would be nice if they came to their conclusions morally but they didn’t.) To prevent the hordes from leaving them they have apparently been doing some more less than morally sound tricks. See this slashdot story:

First time accepted submitter wbr1 writes “Domain registrar Namecheap is accusing GoDaddy of violating ICANN rules and hindering domain owners from moving their domains to another registrar. They are allegedly doing this by submitting incomplete information to the new registrar, making it difficult to process the move.” Adds user bs0d3: “Godaddy has responded to these allegations today and insist that their practice of rate limiting Whois queries is standard practice to combat Whois abuse. Furthermore, they accuse Namecheap of playing foul because they released a statement before ever contacting godaddy directly to resolve these issues.”


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