Ivor O’Connor

December 10, 2011

Google Voice vs Skype

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It’s not an either or between Google Voice and Skype. They are actually complimentary and both should be used in an office environment. Google Voice should be setup first and after GV is running Skype can be added just as if it were another cell phone.

Though Google voice has a big problem. It’s not solid and dependable. I’ve noticed many times situations where my cell phone will ring, Google Voice successfully routed the call, but did not also ring on my PC. So if I did not have a cell phone next to me I’d have missed the call. Also sometimes if you don’t have the GV and GMail windows open you will not get any alerts or rings. Having Skype fixes these problems because no matter what OS you have Skype will run on it. And Skype always pops up making it very easy to click on and avoid missing calls.

You can configure Skype to use the same number that you have ported to GV when making outgoing calls from Skype. Almost everything works seamlessly between the two. Both Skype and GV have excellent phone quality. The only wrinkle being Skype is not tied into GV’s address book. Skype attempts to use its own address book. This is fine for those Skype users who don’t have a real telephone number but for those that do Skype should use the GV directory. Because Skype always pops up in front of everything else you’ll be tempted to answer the call through Skype and won’t know who it is that’s calling. It’s a pain that Skype isn’t yet using GV’s address book.

So get them both and use Skype as a cheap backup, as another phone for GV to route to, for when Google Voice falls asleep at the job. Then configure Skype so that when it calls out it uses the main number that has been ported to GV.

GV is entirely free unless you ported your old phone number to it in which case it is a once only $20 fee. Skype costs about $60 a year to setup for unlimited dialing in the USA and Canada including a telephone number so that GV can route its incoming calls to Skype.


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