Ivor O’Connor

November 21, 2011

Dinosaur Car Industry

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My “check engine light” went on today. On a cold and rainy morning in the middle of the mountains while still dark. Miles away from anything.

I didn’t feel any change in the ride. Nothing to give me a clue as to why. And I wondered if I should pull over and call AAA. I decided to risk it and keep driving rather than possibly ruin half a day on something that was probably nothing. Sure enough. No problems. Made it home.

But while driving home I wondered why do they have just a light. One dummy light to warn you that something somewhere may be wrong. It today’s computer environment there is no reason for not having a small display which can give a detailed explanation of the problem. A display that could also display when your next maintenance is due and how much you should put aside for it.

Car companies need a boot in their rear.


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