Ivor O’Connor

November 19, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 alt-tab

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alt-tab has changed. Now if you are bouncing between multiple browser windows and multiple terminal windows alt-tab is no longer works. The paradigm has changed. Now alt-tab switches you between applications instead of windows. If you pause once you have arrived at the application then all the various windows belonging to that application are displayed and you can alt-tab between them. Or instead of pausing at the application keep the alt key held down and start pressing the ‘`’ key right above the tab key.

Or if you want to bounce between two or more windows of the same application you can alt-` to save time.

So to summarize Ubuntu 11.10 has redefined a paradigm that has worked on virtually all operating systems for the last 20 years because as this person put it the old is dull and the new is sexy. So keep in mind:
alt-tab bounces between applications not windows. Unless you paused on a particular application then a mode switch is done.
alt-` bounces between windows of the same application.

If you keep the new paradigm firmly in place the switch isn’t totally bad. However they should have left alt-tab alone and added the new functionality to some other keys.


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