Ivor O’Connor

September 20, 2010

BBB (Better Business Bureau)

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The BBB has only two functions. The first is to act as a bulletin board so customers can leave positive or negative reviews. However with other internet resources the BBB’s incredibly slow site has become antiquated. Compare Google’s far superior review process. The second function is to verify the company is paying the Mafioso institutions like Workman’s Comp and the rest. So in a way the BBB is worse than Google because the BBB stresses compliance with thieves. Not customer’s satisfaction.

These two functions may or may not be bad. However the real function of the BBB is to make money. To do this they extort private businesses. You as a business owner are hit up for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars every year for their approval to use their logo for advertisement and such. They have a work force that calls each and every business and looks for violations. So if your website has a pointer to them they ask you to pay up or remove it. If they see their logo they tell you to pay up or take it down. How many people do they employee to hit up every single business in America with their protection racket?

Now you may say that’s all fair. Take down the logos. You may even agree that referencing their site is a violation. But is their rating of your company based on whether you pay or not? I’ve seen a company lose it’s gold star triple AAA+ rating to be replaced with just an A rating within a month of not paying. There were no reviews, positive or negative, that happened in that time period. Of course there may have been some change to their rating system. Still it seems fishy. Maybe Google can get away with a secret rating system but can the BBB?

The BBB makes it’s money off of private companies. It’s reasonable that they publish their rating criteria. Otherwise what’s the difference between them and any other protection schemes? Not a whole lot.


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