Ivor O’Connor

September 12, 2010

Things I’d Like Changed: Gym Male/Female Areas

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Women may not realize what the men’s changing areas are like. Having been a regular in probably close to 100 different gyms over my life, on a dialy basis, there’s a bit in common between all of them. First, most men are slobs. It’s not uncommon to see the toilet full of unflushed stuff. Or the area surrounding the toilet in need of cleaning. Or the doors in need of repair since they were never built right leaving them unlockable. And the handles on the shower are usually one turn devices labeled incorrectly.

It’s the guys that are most disgusting though. It’s not uncommon to see some guy nude blocking the path while he takes a towel between his legs pulling it back and forth over his crotch area like a bear rubbing his back against a tree. WTF?! You’d think they’d go someplace private to itch their diseases but no they have to make a scene of it blocking everybodies paths. These people usually aren’t even in shape. Could be some old fat person. How they’ve lived their lives like this is mind boggling.

Then there are the nude or semi-nude people in front of the hot air dryers. Some have itches and these dryers are the equivalent of trees to bears. It is all disconcerting but ranges from mildy disgusting to walking quickly away to avoid heaving. The mild ones are people wrapped in towels and when they think nobody is looking expose their parts to the wall mounted blow dryer. Imagine that for a second. The blow dryer is mounted to the wall and they are doing strange gymnastics to get that part itched. The ones who are truly disgusting though are again the in-your-face nude stick the bodies parts in the dryer any way possible type.

Then there are the gays. This makes up a significant number of the people. Some hang about nude for hours in the changing areas. The old ones are the worst. It’s like they are doing the gay equivalent of fishing. It’s like they have a legal right to watch all the guys change and they get their jollies off on this. It got me thinking.

Why not make the gym all coed. The showers and changing areas would all be shared. Make it an equal opportunity area for both homosexuals and heterosexuals. First off all those slobs would probably be called out by the ticked off princesses. Can you imagine some guy trying to stretch his pecker acoss the vent of a wall mounted blow dryer with women present? Or the gays living nude in the changing room not being told off? Some women would object to sharing the areas with men but if so let them go somewhere else.

Why hasn’t this idea caught on before? It would cut down on the ugh factor, make cleaning for the staff much easier, and be all-in-all a good idea. What’s wrong with it? If I had the money I’d start a gym like this.


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