Ivor O’Connor

March 17, 2010

Health Care Insurance Thieves.

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From http://www.democracynow.org/2010/3/17/headlines#12

Penn. Nearly Doubles Cost of Low-Income Insurance Program

In other healthcare news, Pennsylvania has nearly doubled the cost of a monthly health insurance program for low-income residents. The program’s 2,400 recipients are on a waiting list for Medicaid coverage because they haven’t yet qualified. As of this month, their monthly bill went from $313 to around $600. State officials say they were forced to raise the price because the program covers many people in need of care. Pennsylvania’s state insurance commissioner, Joel Ario, says the price was increased despite acknowledgment it could have devastating consequences for those no longer able to afford medical coverage. In an interview with the New York Times, Ario said, “This is very likely going to send us into a death spiral.”

Wow. I’m over 50 now and I still haven’t needed more than $600 of health care in my entire life. (Well, perhaps my parents did when I was born.) And the insurance companies want low-income residents to pay this much per month?! And the Beatles thought they had it bad paying the taxman. This is robbery plain and simple. And the Democrats are going to vote this week to make us all pay the health insurance companies these outrageous rates? How much are politicians getting from the health insurance lobbyists?

Why can’t the government quit paying Haliburton and all the other war time profiteers and take this money to pay the tax payers medical bills directly, taking out the thieving health insurance companies, like every other industrialized nation in the World?


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