Ivor O’Connor

March 15, 2010

Toyota Denials

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Now Toyota is airing commercials of long term employees denying there is sudden acceleration due to electrical disturbances. Then the lady states she drives her kids every day with a Toyota and feels very secure.

Who is in charge of their PR? Have they seen Steve Wozniak say he can recreate the problem on demand in his Prius? How long will they keep airing commercials like the one I just saw? When will they start addressing the issues? Will they have more commercials stating there is no such thing as sudden acceleration due to listening to your stereo too loudly. And more long time employees stating they confidently drive their teenage rockers to school with the music on loud feeling safe from sudden acceleration?

I think they should admit they have not tested their software properly and publicly show the steps they are taking to fix the software.

Until then I will continue to be a loyal Toyota driver. After that I will still continue to be a loyal Toyota driver. Despite the morons in their PR department and the obvious lack of a good software department. Perhaps Toyota ought to double the pay of every person involved in the software end of their business and then double the number of software employees. It’s got to be cheaper than the three billion dollars or more this whole fiasco is going to cost them. Oh yes. Did I mention they should fire their PR department and get some people PR people in who know what they are doing? (Or is this one of those problems that are driven forcefully by a nincompoop at the top who should perhaps balance things more appropriately?)


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