Ivor O’Connor

March 10, 2010

Calorie Counting Racket

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I’m fed up with people talking about burning calories to get in shape. BS! Anybody who is counting calories and then trying to burn them off is destined to become an American. Sure they can live off their youth and pretend to be burning calories but sooner or later they’ll give in to the drug called food and get fat.

The solution is so obvious but, well, for an American it’s almost unattainable. Shake, not stirred – uh burned, is the solution. Get out there and play some real sports for an hour or two. Or at a very minimum run 10K a day. Something that shakes up your body so your metabolism never gets around to absorbing what you eat. Instead it just flushes it right on through so you are always hungry and always thin. Not a hard concept. Yet when was the last time you heard somebody say it? Instead you hear the legions of fat calorie counters.

My gym is full of fat calorie counters. Led by fat instructors. I guess it’s their way of staying in business.


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