Ivor O’Connor

February 7, 2010

Poor Man’s Web Link Checker

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There are link checkers for websites that work reasonably well like http://validator.w3.org/checklink. However it does not work on pages that are dynamically created with lots of JavaScript. For instance if your table of contents are generated with JavaScript the official http://validator.w3.org/checklink link checker will totally miss all links in the TOC!

To get around this on a *nix machine is fairly easy though. You simply need two lines. One line checks the external links and the other line checks the internal links. Here are the lines that assume you are in the root of the directory containing the website and all links are there in local files.:

  1. External links:
    curl -s -S $(grep -ir href= *.* | sed 's/.*href="//' | sed 's/\".*//' | sort -u | grep http | grep -v ^#) > /tmp/blahbla
  2. Internal links:
    for x in $(grep -ir href= *.* | sed 's/.*href="//' | sed 's/\".*//' | sort -u | grep -v http | grep -v ^# ) ; do if [ ! -f "$x" ]; then echo "File \"$x\" does not exists"; fi; done;

The first command simply finds the external links, fetches them to a tmp file, and in the process if there are any errors with the links displays them to the console.

The second command finds all the links to internal files and verifies the files exist on the hard drive.

No need for expensive tools that may not even work on your website!


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