Ivor O’Connor

December 23, 2009

Why Ubuntu Sucks: Part IV

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Every little thing in Ubuntu 9.10 is largely untested. Screenshots is a fine example of this. On a laptop with dual monitors it doesn’t work. The laptop in question has a native monitor resolution of 1152×864 pixels and a second monitor on top with a resolution of 1920×1200. I can move the mouse up to get to the big monitor. It’s nice that Ubuntu and Windows allow this. So the top monitor has a google map that’s taking up the entire screen. I’d like to take a screen shot of it so I do:

  1. Click on “Applications->Accessories->Take Screenshot”
  2. Use the following options “Grab the current window”, “Grab after a delay of 0 seconds”, do not include any effects.

Sounds simple enough but it does not work. Instead of a 1920×1200 png Ubuntu returns a map png about the same size as the “Take Screenshot” dialog box!

Why don’t the Ubuntu kids bother to test?

Wouldn’t it be a shame if Google comes out with an Operating System that’s better than Ubuntu on their first release. Like they did with Chrome to Firefox? I won’t be surprised when it happens.

2009.12.25 Update: I’ve looked into this and many people are suffering from this bug. Now however the bug turns off the large monitor randomly and I must then go into the reconfiguration panel and re-initialize the settings. Grrr..

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