Ivor O’Connor

December 8, 2009

Why Ubuntu Sucks: Part II

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Sure Ubuntu is as good as Linux gets but it still sucks.

The big problem is Linux does not have a good test platform in place. So large regression tests never get done. Hence you the user must wait a few months after each new release to let the nerds sort out the problems.

It’s like the nerds were your kids. The kids play with all the toys and make a huge mess. They never want to put the toys away and clean up after themselves. Same thing with Linux developers. The want to play programmer but they don’t want to test their code. They don’t do complete test cycles.

So what’s got me upset today you ask? Samba on Ubuntu 9.10 has quit working. I can no longer share folders across the network. The windows machines are still shareable. All the Ubuntu 9.10 computers no longer share their folders though. It’s been this way all week. How can the nerds screw up something that has worked for years under Ubuntu? Because they don’t test enough that’s why.

That’s the first problem. The second problem is the following message streamed over 8 lines every time I start up gvim! WTF! Can’t nerds ever graduate to the point they realize the benefits of testing their code?

** (gvim:27884): CRITICAL **: gtk_form_set_static_gravity: assertion `static_gravity_supported’ failed


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