Ivor O’Connor

September 20, 2009

Largest Offshore Wind Parks

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From Denmark showcases world-biggest offshore wind park

The “Horns Rev 2” by DONG Energy, Danish owned energy company, produces 209 megawatts from 91 Turbines 30km off the west shore of central Denmark, in the north sea, costing $694 million. Consisting of 13 parallel rows of seven turbines in a fan-like shape. Siemen 2.3MW turbines are used. Blade diameter is 93 meters centered on a shaft 114.5 meters above sea level that drops down an additional 30-40 meters. It is the first platform to house up to 24 workers year-round. This platform connects to the turbines via buried cables which centralizes and conditions the power before sending it ashore via another subsea cable. It took the number one title away from DONG Energy’s Nysted wind farm that produces 166MWs. Denmark gets 20% of it’s electricity from wind. The number one title will pass on to a 630MW London array wind park in the Thames Estuary before the London Olympics starts in 2012.

From Rule Britannia: UK is Now World’s #1 Offshore Wind Power Producer

194 MW wind farm off the coast of Skegness Lincolnshire has just been completed. Another 938 MWs of power will be added in the next three months. And 1000 MW more by the end of 2012. If I’m adding right this is a total of 4,938 MWs. Probably more if land based wind is added to the mix.

From Wind Energy Could Power All of Britain’s Homes by 2020

This article claims 2 GWs are produced offshore currently, written in 2007, and that by 2020 there may be 33 GWs of energy produced by wind. Since the numbers seem bogus I’ll discount the whole article.

Largest Offshore Wind Power Producers By Country

  1. 590 MW: United Kingdom (UK gets 3GWs of power from wind. So 20% of it’s wind power is from offshore.)
  2. 423 MW: Denmark (20% of the total power, ==> Denmark must need 2115 MWs of power.)

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