Ivor O’Connor

September 13, 2009

US Open Debacle

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My take? Serena Williams should sue the US Open for all they are worth. And then some. She should set an example that causes the other tournament organizers to sit up and be honest.

Here’s the problem. A lines judge makes a horribly bad call. What’s more this judge does so at a very crucial moment. The immediate replays all show that Serena did not have a foot fault. Rather than fix the bad call this judge sticks with it. It’s like she has an agenda.

You have to wonder why a judge would ever give a foot fault call at that moment even if it were a foot fault. There is a courtesy that is normally extended to professionals. You don’t call foot faults at crucial moments unless the you are absolutely 100% sure, have multiple judges corroborating it, have video to back it up, and have been warning the player in question beforehand. Repeatedly.

What should be in the press this morning is a background check on the lines judge. What motives she could have had. Is she getting paid for this. Who all might be involved. Basically a full background check on this lady calling the foot fault and the people running the US Open.

Then there was a dispute about what Serena actually said. This lines lady said Serena threatened to kill her. Serena emphatically denies this. Were there any tapings? This lines ladies reputation had already proven to be faulty. Relying on her word is utter stupidity. Yet with no witnesses or tapes this lady caused Serena to lose the match. You’d think the US Open would have recording devices on all judges. They are suppose to be honest. A taping device would help prove their honesty. The fact they don’t only means they are dishonest.

Serena needs to take legal action.

To add insult to injury all the news channels including NPR focus on Serena. Somehow it is her fault. In today’s world justice is never served. Instead things are always twisted so the officials are never in the focus.

UPDATE 2009.12.07:
“Serena Williams fined record $82,500 for U.S. Open outburst” . I’m certainly glad I don’t watch TV. That I don’t have a TV to watch. (Unless I were to get it out of storage.) I don’t pay cable or dsl or dish monthly rates. And I encourage everybody to do the same. Further don’t attend these events. Unless players can exhibit some emotion and call a spade a spade why watch? It’s bogus and I don’t want to see politically correct anything. I’d like to see some tempers being lost. I’d like to see some swearing, breaking of tennis rackets, and a few tennis balls served directly at the judges. (Hopefully hitting them.) There is no point watching judges who make bad calls and then fine players for getting angry at them. Oh wait, America is the land of the free, where you can make the stupidest damn rules imaginable and if you got the venue you can make it stick. Blah.


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