Ivor O’Connor

September 11, 2009

New 1TB Drive

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There has been lots of talk about 1.5 and 2TB drives recently. Enough to make a 1TB drive a safe bet. Ordering one from Newegg yesterday cost $74.

*Extended Price*
22-148-433 	HD 1T|SEAGATE 7K ST31000528AS OEM
	/This item is serviced by the SeaGate. Please call 800 -732-4283 for service./	

It arrived today. For some reason 3 to 5 business day shipping always seems to arrive in a single day. I’m not complaining.

Putting the drive on my Granite USB to SATA converter and powered it up…

sudo lshw -C disk
description: SCSI Disk
physical id: 0.0.0
bus info: scsi@7:0.0.0
logical name: /dev/sdb
size: 931GiB (1TB)

Only 93% is available?! After formatting with ext4 there is only 91% left.

The sustained transfer rate between the laptop disk and this one, transferring information off the laptop, is over 21MB/sec. So the disk looks good and it appears this is a great solution for backing up data quickly!


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