Ivor O’Connor

September 2, 2009

Just Say NO To M$

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I was toying with the idea of putting together a gaming PC to tempt my kids to visit more often. They are so totally addicted to computer games I suspect they wouldn’t be able to help themselves and want to visit all the time if I had a killer gaming rig. Unfortunately that would require me to run a M$ operating system. So I saw that M$ is offering Windows 7 for 90 days. I thought I’d download that and have it ready. Well wouldn’t you know. I filled in their forms and when it came to the actual download I would get lame excuses. Like it is only available for professional IT people. Or what not. Apparently M$ checks the OS or browser you are using and decides to give attitude based on what it finds. I went back and changed my answers and tried from other sites but I can never get the download. Thank you M$ for once again making me realize it really is a bad idea to let you into my life.



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