Ivor O’Connor

August 29, 2009

I Hate Swimming, Part II

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swimp3_technology_6Half the fun of swimming in the ocean is the ride. Not knowing what you’ll see in the water. Could it be dolphins, seals, rays, large fish, etc.. Perhaps it’s the thrill of bumping into jelly fish or worse. Putting your hand in one is great. Face butting them is even more thrilling. What scares me the most is swimming through thick kelp beds where something may bite because it doesn’t see the big picture. Then there are the ocean conditions. Navigating through the fog early in the morning and getting completely turned around is scary. Sure the fog only lasts a few hours but where will you be then? There is even fun associated with rough seas. Having to suck air through the spray on one side can be fun. It’s a bit less fun getting motion sickness from dish washer conditions but still it can be a fun experience. Swimming behind somebody who is repeatedly throwing up is less fun.

Swimming in a pool is so incredibly boring it’s almost impossible to have fun. I really do hate it. To make it less painful I bought the finis swiMp3 player shown in the picture here. I’ve been using them for a few months now. They really do work and help alleviate the tedium. I now power my way through the swims by listening to my favorite music. In the process I’ve learned what types of songs motivate me and which ones don’t. Sometimes it’s even fun!

The MP3 player works with Ubuntu and Linux in general. Just plug the MP3 player into the USB port and it appears as a mounted file system. I suppose you can store documents on it if you wanted to. Sound quality is so-so. I have the volume set to max. I have it attached so it makes contact behind my ears, not the temples before my ears as shown on their website. Seems to work best for me there. Unless my head is out of the water as it is when I’m on the kick board. Then I put them over my ears as if they were headphones. I’m not sure but the speakers may have partially blown out. I’ll probably have to exchange them. Other than the volume being too low there’s the problem of playlists. There is no such concept. It plays whatever songs you’ve downloaded. I suppose this is ok as long as you are the only person using them. Perhaps this is a design feature. It forces everybody to buy one since nobody wants to listen to somebody elses music.

Despite these minor irritants I highly recommend this product. They make pool swimming almost bearable.


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