Ivor O’Connor

June 28, 2009

NPR Podcasts

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NPR over the decades has become very cautious. They do not want to lose their funding from the government. As such they simply repeat the current political lines. Take for example their coverage of Iran and lack of coverage about the killing of the abortion Doctor. Or Nina Totenberg praising our two party political system as being the best possible system. (Never mind the fact the lobbyists control both parties, and Nina Totenberg too, and therefore there is no real difference between them.) The end result is I can’t listen to NPR for long without wanting to puke. Yes the “news” on TV is worse but I don’t watch TV. So I’ve become a very selective NPR listener. I can put up with “wait wait, don’t tell me”. A bit of Scott Simon’s Weekend Edition Saturday and almost always his guest Daniel Schorr who often has an excellent perspective. And then there is the sketchy Science Friday.

Science Friday has some good information mixed in with bad information. I usually listen to it via real audio. However this morning I noticed I could not replay the segment. Microsoft had pulled a trick on NPR. Their advertising blocked the replay of the segment. Instead of a quick sound bite extolling the virtues of their company it was now requiring you to click on their advertisement which would then take you to their website. It looked like there was a survey they were requiring before they’d allow the NPR segment to continue. I not liking NPR or M$ smiled.

However I did want to hear the segment on hydrogen storage. So I decided to check out the podcasts and see if they finally fixed things. Sure enough they finally got it right and the segments can now be downloaded. It’s not totally intuitive yet but it is good enough. Now I can download just the topics I want and listen to them as often as I want without having to be connected via Real Audio. They even have a link saying download. Fantastic. I can download them in MP3 format. I’d prefer more options such as democracy now supplies. Say a download option of Ogg and Flac. However MP3 is useable enough.


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