Ivor O’Connor

June 19, 2009

Iranian Election Hoopla

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There is quite a stir about the Iranian election. Our government asked the folks running youtube to allow the protestors to upload their videos. Against strict youtube policies to the contrary. Our American government also asked the twitter folk not to do their scheduled downtime. We don’t want the Iranian protestors to lose momentum. Talking heads discuss Iran with various titles such as “emergency breaking news” despite it happening last week. I don’t know but I’d bet our government has something to do with this too.

The facts are over 85% of the population cast votes in Iran. This is what a true democracy should be like. Something we could aspire to considering we rarely get 30% of the people to vote here. They’ve also got actual demonstrators in Iran. Here in America our demonstrators are told they must demonstrate in approved demonstration areas. Usually a fenced off clearing far far away from anything but wildlife and where only other demonstrators can be seen. Again we could only wish we had the freedom of the Iranians. I don’t know if the elections were rigged there. The mathematicians say it seems well within expected mathematical ranges. Not like in our country where Diebold, the leading electronic voting machine, guaranteed their machines would elect Republicans. (Which they did giving, in some districts, more Republican votes than the total number of people living in the district.) Again we could only wish our politicians were as honest as the Iranians.

The big problem as I see it are the Iranians are too honest. They make jokes about things like our former President Bush. And they won’t roll over and play dead like most countries when we threaten to bomb them back to the stone age. This type of threat may seem so over the top you’d think it is a bad joke but apparently it’s one of the earnest threats our great country repeatedly uses to convince other countries to participate with us. A simple google is all that is needed to verify this. There are also sound clips of this too. (UPDATE 2009.06.20 And when countries see our indiscriminate bombings as shown here it makes the threats seem much more plausible.)

I wish we’d leave the Iranians to themselves. Let them sort things out without our “help”. This is too much to ask for. I know. We can’t leave things alone for some reason. Unless it’s to do something good within our own borders. Like, say, perhaps, making lobbying a crime…


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