Ivor O’Connor

June 16, 2009

Ubuntu Hangs On Reboot!

Filed under: Linux, ubuntu — ioconnor @ 4:22 pm

I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 on a laptop this morning. Unfortunately it hangs on shut-down showing no indication it has hung. The screen is almost completely black execpt for a slowly blinking underscore at the top left of the screen. When ctl-alt-del is struck then the message “md: stopping all md devices” is displayed and the machine continues to reboot normally. Unfortunately a keyboard must be attached to this laptop before the ctl-alt-del can be entered. Granted reboots are not normal. A google search on this problem shows no solutions though many people have encountered the problem. It’s just another example of how poorly the Ubuntu releases are tested. It’s sort of an anything goes that is cool atmosphere with very little testing. Or a “just barely good enough to continue” paradigm. At this point I’m seriously thinking of switching to another distribution. One that hopefully undergoes stringent testing. However I’m afraid it will not support all the hardware like Ubuntu does. Life consists of many trade-offs.

On a related issue Ubuntu needs to reconfigure their boot charts to include how long it took to complete the entire reboot cycle. If it takes two minutes to shut down, another minute to make it through the grub stuff, and only 20 seconds to boot the entire process should say 3:20 instead of just :20 as it now does.


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