Ivor O’Connor

June 3, 2009

Idiocy Example

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I tried to install google gears on my 64 bit ubuntu computer. Unfortunately it is unsupported. Nobody would think that a progressive company like Google would drop the ball like this. So I googled about and found:

Chris Prince Jun 18 2008
There have been a lot of questions about 64-bit Linux support in
Gears, so let me try to answer those questions:

First of all, we don’t hate 64-bit users. Really, we don’t!! In a
perfect world, we would officially support 64-bit Linux, and every
other platform as well.

The problem is simply one of resources. For the officially supported
platforms, we do a *lot* of testing before every release. As users
ourselves, we hate poorly tested software.

So adding 64-bit Linux isn’t simply a matter of submitting the patch
(which is something we *will* do). For official support, we would
need to add 64-bit Linux to our test matrix. And that would be a
non-trivial amount of work.

But all is not lost. 🙂 This is one of the great things about
open-source projects. Anybody in the community can build and host
64-bit Linux builds of Gears. Scott has done this for, and
hopefully he or somebody else will do so for future builds of Gears on
64-bit Linux. I think this is a great way to get 64-bit Linux support
in the short term.

I hope that gives a little more insight into the 64-bit Linux situation.

To summarize, he says he gets asked this question a lot. However they really don’t have 64-bit Linux users. Who does he think asks these sort of questions “a lot”? Does he realize what he wrote? Is he the type who never successfully answered “who is buried in X’s tomb” when he was a kid? Does he go looking for his car keys for hours only to find them in his hands or pockets? This must be the type of genius you see played in the movies. You know, can’t figure out the most trivial real-life thing but somehow figures out all the most complex physics. He really needs a boss who tells him bluntly he’s an idiot and needs to include 64-bit support because all those people who keep asking him are his would-be users. That until he does include 64-bit support he will continue not to see 64-bit users. Sigh…

So, if you have common-sense can you still be a genius? Or vice-versa. If you are a genius does that mean you have no common-sense? This guy certainly would be a vote for the latter. It would probably have taken him half the time to put the known patches in the test matrix than to write ridiculous excuses. Or maybe he is one of those nerd-jerks whom subconciously likes to be publicly humiliated?

It’s been over a year and 64-bit google gears is still not available!!!


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