Ivor O’Connor

May 9, 2009

Obama’s 2010 Energy Budget Details

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It came out yesterday. It’s very important to our country. Our economy and way of life depends on two items.

The first and most important is to quit wasting money on the military and industries that feed off of them. It’s sucking the life blood out of our country so quickly there is nothing else we can do to compensate for it. Unfortunately Obama has decided to leave 50K troops in Iraq along with 50K contractors to support those troops and move everybody else to Afghanistan. So he’s not reducing the overall forces. In fact he is expanding our war machine by recruiting another 20k of soldiers and who knows how many behind the scene contractors. Why is a Democrat more hawkish than a Republican? Does he think the Republicans will quit bashing him. Not a chance! This spiraling escalation of our money into making enemies in other countries is clearly not the right direction

If this were fixed then the next most important thing the Obama administration could do would be to work on the Energy infrastructure of this country. There are four, only four, goals to pursue. The first is a modernized HVDC energy grid. The second goal is to put solar panels on every house across the country to offset the need of updating local community power grids. Thirdly we need large scale renewable clean energy plants. That is large windmill farms located in remote extremely windy areas along with converting large inefficient farm areas to solar thermal power centers. Finally, the fourth and last goal, is to convert our petrol powered mobile system to a hydrogen based one. With this in mind lets look at what Obama proposes in his first budget. You can find a summary of it here under “Budget Highlights (pdf)” along with everything else including a link to the Budget Highlights on the DOE budget page http://www.energy.gov/about/budget.htm

Obama has not broken down our Energy budget based on my above four categories. No big surprise there. Instead he has broken it down into nearly 20 categories with titles that mean almost nothing to the normal person. Basically it’s an old technique most charlatans use. For example “Science” could mean anything. Anyways, here are the categories Obama has used to hide behind:

  1. Science. ($4.9B) Why is this being funded by the energy department rather than by a science department?
  2. ARPA. ($.01B) It reads as a research dept to reduce imported energy, improve efficiency, and reduce pollution. Why is this separate from the 3rd category?
  3. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. ($2.318B) Of this .068 for hydrogen, .320 for solar, and .075 for wind. The rest is wasted on biomass and such. Basically 80% of the “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” budget is wasted on subsidizing farmers to plant biofuel crops. This farm land subsidy should instead be used for converting farm land over to solar-thermal plants.
  4. Electricity Delivery and Energy Relability. ($.208B) All of the money here is well spent. He has increased this much needed vitaly important department by 51.8% yet still it is so underfunded it is a joke. They should give the department unlimited funds. Transporting electricity across the nation efficiently across states is crucial.
  5. Environmental Management. ($5.630B) This department cleans up the waste from our current fossil plants and such. It’s needed but look at how much it costs! Lets get rid of fossil and nuclear NOW so we can end wasting more money.
  6. Civilian Radioactive Waste Management. ($.197B) And this money is spent by putting the radioactive waste in storage drums piled outside the reactors in the hopes a future generation can figure out how to securely dispose of it. Lets end this farce now.
  7. Legacy Management. ($.190B) This agency cleans up after things are cleaned up. Another agency we would not need if we used clean renewable energy.
  8. Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program. ($6B) This is a strange one. No money was allocated for it last year but it somehow got 6B. Same thing will probably happen again. Not sure what it does.
  9. Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Program. ($.020B) This was nearly an 8 billion dollar department last year that Obama is essentially shutting down. Interesting.
  10. Nuclear Energy ($.845B) This department should be shut down with extreme prejudism. It’s responsible for the nuclear waste and our nuclear weapons.
  11. Fossil Energy. ($.618B) Another department to shut down.
  12. National Nuclear Security Administration. ($.815B) And yet another department to shut down. It sucked up $20B last year half of which was gotten through the back door. It will probably get boosted through the back door again. With no nuclear we would not have to waste any money in this department.
  13. Energy Information Administration. ($.133B) This is the department that puts forward propaganda to the masses. Like cartoons for little kids about how the future will be clean coal and nuclear power. Obviously a department that is not needed.
  14. Power Marketing Administrations. ($.099B) They sell electricity from the water dams and yet lose money! Something seems wrong here.
  15. Departmental Administration. ($.182B) These people pay the salaries for most of the departments above. Huh!?!
  16. Inspector General. ($.051B) They watch over these other departments. Obviously they don’t do much.
  17. Health, Safety and Security. ($.450B) Again a department that would not be needed if honest accounting were done by each department and we got rid of fossil and nuclear.
  18. Hearings and Appeals. ($.006B) Not sure what they do.
  19. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. ($.027B) They keep the markets competitive and squash monopolies? Why do I laugh?

So only about 3% of this 25 billion dollar budget is going for truly clean renewable energy. What happened to Obama’s commitment towards renewable energy? Was it all to get reelected?

Imagine what we could do if we quit spending billions every day on the military industrial complex and put it into our energy budget. Imagine if we did that for an entire year. We could be completely off fossil and nuclear power.

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