Ivor O’Connor

May 7, 2009

How To Say No

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I was just hit up by a marketer. These people must take classes and train on how to side-step issues, divert them into on-going works-in-progress, not let you get a word in, answer questions you did not ask, and generally wear you down.

I got lucky and hung up. But I was kept on the phone for 27m.29s according to the log.

They may come off as reasonable and helpful but if they don’t immediately see your issues and give solid answers then the worst must be assumed. This time I was lucky.

Last time I wasn’t lucky. I bought some blue tooth head sets from the owner of a large company specializing in them. Since I knew him, where he lived, etc., I assumed he was giving me honest information. I remember at the time thinking something is shady but he would not rip me off. I’ve gone through three different blue tooth manufacturers. Each the top of their line. All three were worse than a $6 wired headset in terms of sound quality. Blue tooth just is not good enough no matter what you buy. Unless you have to use wireless for specific reasons. However how are you to test this out for yourself? I guess in that situation I really needed to buy over the net making sure of the return policy up front.

Anyways. Moral of this post. If somebody is selling you something don’t buy it! If it is really needed you would have bought it already. Just say no all of the time! By definition they are trying to sell you something!


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