Ivor O’Connor

April 27, 2009

CO2 Myth

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We have all seen Al Gore’s movie. Several times. I even own the DVD. However nowhere do we see actual links between CO2 and global warming. At best we see CO2 being produced after the warming. The actual data is hidden somewhere not readily available to a prolonged google search. Instead what we get are statements about the majority of scientists say CO2 causes global warming. I guess that’s good enough for the lemmings. Then there is the melting ice on the poles used as evidence CO2 is the cause. However this melting could be due to all the particles spewed into the atmosphere and settling on the ice there. These dark particles trap the heat and melt the ice rapidly. Again nothing to do with CO2. Well today Al Gore is spewing on about CO2 and I’m getting sick listening ot it. I don’t like coal. It has polluted much of the world with particles and mercury. Not to mention the mountains of soot they pile up usually next to the coal plants. Like the one or two that got carried away in the floods earlier this year causing massive pollution to everything downstream. Maybe I should just be thankful that Al Gore, whether right or wrong, is working to get rid of Coal and other forms of pollution. There’s no reason we can’t go totally renewable in 10 years. Except the energy monopolies fighting against it by paying off the politicians who listen to those with the most money…

As of today there is yet another CO2/Coal movie: http://news.cnet.com/8301-11128_3-10228103-54.html?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=GreenTech


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