Ivor O’Connor

April 4, 2009

Alien Life?

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I’m listening to yesterday’s Science Friday, Is There Anything Else Out There? I don’t usually think about these topics. Not since I was a kid. One of the people were saying something disparaging about finding intelligent life in our universe. I wonder why would we expect aliens to introduce themselves? Wouldn’t we need to have something to offer them? Unless they were at the same level as we on the evolutionary scale of things. And since we don’t see any aliens does that mean we are still too primitive. What evolutionary point do we need to reach? Right now we are totally dependent on not getting hit by an asteroid. Or some microbes knocking us out. Perhaps we need to get to the point where we are no longer dependent on the Earth. No longer worried about getting our species wiped out because of global warming or microbes. No longer dependent on having just one sun. Perhaps once we have ensured our place in a few solar systems we may be contacted. Aliens for instance would have had to manage this basic task too. So to be an equal worthy of communicating with we’d have to have mastered this step. Once this step is accomplished would they be willing, if they came across us, to introduce themselves?

It’s likely we’d bump into a more advanced race. And they’d continue to ignore us even if we knocked on their proverbial front door attempting to introduce ourselves. If we were troublesome they’d probably discreetly take steps. Something along the lines of a fence much like we put fences around the food we don’t want the rabbits to eat. Letting the rabbits live their lives but away from the food we deem as important. More likely we’d not even recognize the more advanced races. Much like ants probably don’t recognize us.

Once we do evolve to a few solar systems there is a chance we’d bump into another race like us at the evolutionary scale of “1”. I’d say this is not going to be happening in the next 100 years. Look at how long it has taken to move from fossil fuels to renewables. I can’t even imagine what the next step on the evolutionary scale would be past step 1. Would it be the leaving our human forms for something more suitable. A form allowing us to communicate and navigate our way easily through what we think of as our current reality? Or would we move directly on to new currently unimagined realities? We have a long ways to go and only the first step is clear at the moment.

I’m sure there are other beings in the universe besides us. The question is how long will it take us to attain this first step? And then how long will it take before random chance allows us to bump into other aliens close enough to us evolutionarily speaking to communicate with us? Does it matter we communicate with other life forms? Probably not at all. I can’t imagine we’d care once we get to step one. At that point we’d probably just make a note of it happening and not be surprised. It’s only at this current point in our evolution we hope to find some alien presence that would sugar daddy us. Once we evolve we’ll quit looking for free handouts and take the responsibility of earning things fairly. It’s a long ways off…

Or perhaps we would care. Perhaps it would be similar to a triathlon where you trade information with others in the hopes of getting some tips. Or for instance searching the net for information when your books let you down.


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