Ivor O’Connor

March 25, 2009

New World Currency

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Yesterday China proposed a new World currency. Of course English speaking news agencies downplayed this as something far in the future. However if I’m right and we are entering a depression that will last decades this new World currency will be on top of us before we blink. Certainly well before we are out of the depression. Think about after WWII where we were the only nation left standing capable of producing what the rest of the World needed. Now we’ve outsourced most of our factories and produce very little of what we need. The rest of the World does not need anything from us. We are a debtor nation whom uses the fact our currency is the Worlds standard to hide the fact we are a debtor nation. And the businesses we do have are small business mostly based on service industries. That is selling and distributing what other countries produce. So what are we going to do with the few remaining years we have left before the World gets off our currency? (Notice the chart on the side has more than 50% of the Worlds reserves missing from it. The EU is now a bigger market than our American economy. It is entirely possible with 60% of the economy off this chart the Euro could be the Worlds currency even now.)

Obama has said his focus will be the health care system, education, economy, and energy. He leaves out that cancer called our military industrial complex which is bankrupting our nation. I’ll include it since it will destroy us no matter what else we do. Sure it’s big business to a few companies who have monopolies but the arms race bankrupted the USSR, and like Osama Bin Laden said, it will bankrupt us too. Funny how so few people saw it when he said it and how few people realize it even now. However sticking to Obama’s current priorities:

1) Health care system. Obama at one point in his political career embraced Government funded health care. This is the only solution. However it is no longer on the books. All other industrialized nations have this. It cuts out the middle men, the insurance companies, which are the only people who profit. This topic won’t go anywhere until we hit the depression and have no other choice. So we are failing horribly on this topic.

2) The educational system. This is going nowhere too. It’s still unpopular to be an Engineer. Our schools are still underfunded. We are giving money to home schooling which is usually a way to circumvent the system so religious fanatics can brain wash their kids. And as a result we are the only industrialized nation religion continues to grow and debates on evolution continue. Obama could easily boost the educational system but he has not done so. Why?

3) Economy. Obama needs to let companies go Bankrupt. Until he does our economy is not going anywhere. We will know things have changed when big business lobbyists no longer get billion dollar quarterly bailouts.

4) Energy. Our energy grid is outdated. It needs to be upgraded so we can transport energy from remote locations where solar and wind can produce energy to where the energy is needed. This is going nowhere. Then there is the clean renewable energy that is not going anywhere. There are only two technologies that are clean and renewable. That’s solar and wind. (Nuclear is not green since it produces incredibly dangerous waste we have no way of safely removing. Plus it produces monopolies and nuclear material for bomb building both of which further hurt our economy.) Unfortunately I don’t see any government programs to build turbines. Or solar farms. Or even minor tax reliefs for home owners wanting to put in PV. Getting off fossil fuel might not be popular with the energy cartels but it would allow us Americans to start producing something the rest of the World needs and possibly turn us into a non-debtor nation. Obama needs to set some goals here. This is a low hanging fruit, easy to tackle, highly visible, etc.. Yet Obama does nothing here either.

We are starting a decades long depression that will last at least 20 years. More than likely it will last a couple of generations, 40 years or more, which we will never see the end of. In the future we will no longer be able to print off more money and buy creature comforts to fool ourselves into complaceny. So it sure would be nice if the Obama administration were a bit different than the Bush administration and lay a foundation with our monopoly money before the World has a chance to move off it.


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