Ivor O’Connor

March 23, 2009

SQLite Humorous Cover-Ups Or?

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Quality assurance in SQLite is done using full-coverage testing, not by compiler warnings or other static code analysis tools. In other words, we verify that SQLite actually gets the correct answer, not that it merely satisfies stylistic constraints…

Uh huh. They go on to say everything is rosy and no errors or warning messages are seen in their own environments. I wonder who wrote this provocative prose? And why.


Transaction speed is limited by the rotational speed of your disk drive. A transaction normally requires two complete rotations of the disk platter, which on a 7200RPM disk drive limits you to about 60 transactions per second.

Is this from the same author?

Sure would be nice if there were an estimate of when foreign keys and outer joins can be expected. Surely the foreign key question must be their number one FAQ yet it’s not mentioned anywhere on their site.


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