Ivor O’Connor

February 17, 2009

Finally! No more robo calls!*

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With “Number unmasking” described here http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2009/02/trapcall.html I’ll be able to see who is calling. Currently robo calls, those calls that start out saying “This is our final attempt to inform you your warranty is about to expire…” and such I’ll be able to stop. Robo callers seem to like unlisted numbers. And putting your number on do not call lists usually have just the opposite effect. As the Canadians discovered last month when their do-not-call lists were publicly sold to robo callers.

If the prices are reasonable I’d like to use other features too. Such as recording my cellphone calls and blocking unwanted callers. My poor cell phone’s memory is filling up with numbers I have assigned tags to like “ig robo mortgage”. *That’s because each and every caller that should not be calling me I take 10 seconds of my time to label and assign a silent ring tone. I do not like mistakenly answering robo calls a second time. See this URI for their features

Now with the advent of the smart phones from Android it should be possible to put PBX systems in that could say answer unlisted numbers with a message similar to “If you are not a robot then press 1 now”. This can’t be done with the apple phones because they do not allow you to run daemons. You are only allowed one application to run at a time. Besides, with big brother dictator Steve Jobs straight from 1984 running the show he’d ban the software and come out with his own version and charge Apple prices. Like he has done to others already. (Why do people buy anything from Apple?) I think PBXs in android cell phones are probably only a few months off so hopefully I’d only be using this service for a bit.

The alternative would be to check in on whether I could make my number an 800 type. That is to keep my number as is yet pay for incoming calls so I’d get to see who is actually calling. Something else to look into…


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