Ivor O’Connor

January 17, 2009

Circuit City Deals Starting Tomorrow?

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I’m hoping tomorrow they’ll have some good deals. I don’t know what I’d like to see. Maybe some 1900×1200 monitors for $100? Or a new sound system or two for $50? Maybe an iPhone for $20? The latest and greatest logitech keyboards and mice for $20 a piece? I always have high hopes but I never see any good deals when I’m there so I never buy anything. They always have signs reading “Up to 90% off” but when you look into it nothing but something nobody would want is 90% off. All the rest of their stuff is 50% more than you’d normally pay. Maybe this time it will be different.

Today the firm told the bankruptcy court that it’s been unable to find a buyer and intends to close down completely starting tomorrow. Unless any firm makes an offer for the stock, stores will begin clearance sales which could run until the end of March.


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  1. Circuit city is still more expensive than walmart as this article claims? http://techdirt.com/articles/20090121/0540103473.shtml

    I wonder how long Frys will last. They are so over the top expensive they should be going out of business soon too.

    Comment by ioconnor — January 25, 2009 @ 8:35 pm

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