Ivor O’Connor

January 15, 2009

Granite Digital: USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Cable Kit Review

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I ordered the Granite Digital USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Cable Emergency Drive Copy kit from them earlier this week. I was immediately notified that it had been processed and when it shipped and such. I even got an email confirmation saying it had been delivered. This is the way all shippers should conduct business. Very very nice.

It arrived yesterday but I did not have time to use it. It came with a transformer to power the drives. The transformer has power connectors for molex and sata along with an off/on switch. Clean and neat. The USB cord has a clean looking matchbox sized ending with two IDE format connectors on it along with a sata interface that has an additional red sata cord. It might have been possible to build in the red sata cord into the matchbox but no big deal. Again neat and clean. They include a miniature CD and a small deck of card size owner’s manual. The miniature CD wouldn’t play on my CD player. It was slightly scratched on arrival and became more scratched as my CD player attempted to mount it. Granite needs to use full size CDs for their software because this does not work. Fortunately the software, whatever it contains, is not needed but I did not know that at the time. The owner’s manual I have not bothered to read. It’s probably not any good anyways but like I said I haven’t read it. That’s all that comes with the kit.

So I plugged in the usb cable to the ubuntu laptop. Nothing happened. I plugged the matchbox into the first old disk I found and then plugged the power in and flipped the switch on the cord. Nothing happened on the Ubuntu side. Nothing was happening anywhere. After what seemed like a minute the hard disk started beeping every few seconds. That had me worried. I don’t remember what that drive was used for but I don’t think I’d keep any defective drives around. So I plugged it in the USB cable into the Vista laptop. Vista proceeded to recognize the cable and say something along the lines of having to automatically download software for it. Fine. Still I got the same beeping after it had installed the software and I powered on the transformer.

A little fearful, and glad I ordered another product that would be doing the same thing and arriving in a few days, I found another hard drive. Plugged it in and within a few seconds Vista had found it and was displaying it’s contents. I then proceeded to copy the data across and test it. All worked flawlessly. I then plugged it into the Ubuntu machine. Ubuntu did not like it other than to say it could not be mounted. Delving a little deeper I discovered that it could not be mounted because it had last been dismounted improperly. I powered it back up in Vista, then dismounted it cleanly, and then Ubuntu could read the data!

Granite has done an excellent job with this product. Everything seems very well made and functional. I wish I discovered this product earlier. It’s fantastic.

I’m now ready to inventory disks, copy them to a central location, and proceed to rediscover my past.


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