Ivor O’Connor

January 10, 2009

Consolidating My Data

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Over the years I’ve gone through many hard disks. I probably have between 20 to 50 hard disks in storage. I upgrade computers and leave perfectly good disks behind. Disks with important information on them I think I’ll migrate the data from at some point. I never do though. Some disks are part of RAID configurations I’ll probably never retrieve. Kind of ironic that I have put some of my most important data on RAID thinking it was secure. Little did I realize RAID hardware companies go out of business. So how do I go about taking back my data?

I’m thinking I’ll start on the single disks and avoid the RAID disks for now. I’ll order both of these products and see how well they work. They are so cheap. And I won’t have to mess with any server cases and their wiring!



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