Ivor O’Connor

January 5, 2009

Package Size

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I was viewing the article Steve Jobs’ greatest Macworld video hits, 1998-2008 wondering how Steve Jobs sold the Macintosh so well. So I went to watch this. Wanting to see what he has looked like over the past 10 years. What he wears. How he moves. How he talks. What he focuses on.

What struck me most was his physical presentation. He sticks something down the front of his pants! It reminded me of a photo of the google twins on roller blades. They too had the audacity to stick a few pairs of tube socks down the front of their pants and then stand on a stage to give a presentation. Is this something every nerd CEO does now? Should I expect to see Bill Gates stuffing his pants with socks too? Is this the equivalent of women putting makeup on and coloring their fingernails? Have men become poodle dogs now?

I’d love to see a movie with somebody like Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop telling the white guy how to breathe and act. However maybe this scene would take place in a gym where the socks would fall out while these CEOs were changing. Then Murphy could give them some much needed guidance. I’m sure it would be very funny.


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