Ivor O’Connor

December 18, 2008

Vote On Whether NSA Whistleblower Be Prosecuted?

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http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/12/should-ny-times.html has an article on this. Over five thousand votes so far and there’s about a two to one margin in favor of prosecuting him. I was not expecting to see that. I thought “oh right, an internet vote on a subject like this, it’s a given how this vote will turn out” as I clicked to it.

Why are there so many idiots who are voting this way. I thought most people would still remember Hitler and what happened to all his cohorts that went along with him. They were mostly prosecuted and given the death sentence. Doing illegal things whether you’ve sworn an oath to Hitler or not does not make it legal. Same rule follows here with Bush. Yet all these people are voting in just the opposite direction. How can we have so many idiots in this country?

Don Knuth, at http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/iaq.html has some interesting questions all these people should ponder. I’ve copied them here. (Does it take a certain intelligence to understand and or come out with questions like this? I would not think so but considering our American public I suspect it is probably true.)

1. Why does my country have the right to be occupying Iraq?
2. Why should my country not support an international court of justice?
3. Is my country not strong enough to achieve its aims fairly?
4. When the leaders of a country cause it to do terrible things, what is the best way to restore the honor of that country?
5. Is it possible for potential new leaders to raise questions about their country’s possible guilt, without committing political suicide?
6. Do I deserve retribution from aggrieved people whose lives have been ruined by actions that my leaders have taken without my consent?
7. How can I best help set in motion a process by which reparations are made to people who have been harmed by unjust deeds of my country?
8. If day after day goes by with nobody discussing uncomfortable questions like these, won’t the good people of my country be guilty of making things worse?

Alas, I cannot think of a satisfactory answer to any of these questions. I believe the answer to number 6 is still no; yet I fear that a yes answer is continually becoming more and more appropriate, as month upon month goes by without any significant change to the status quo.


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