Ivor O’Connor

December 7, 2008

Irritating Propaganda

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Science Friday spent 15 minutes interviewing Richard A. Muller who states if Obama only took the time to learn there is such a thing as clean coal and a way of getting rid of nuclear waste safely Obama would be able to convince the public.

Talk of the Nation, December 5, 2008 · From gravity to the greenhouse effect, Richard Muller, a physicist at University of California at Berkeley, details the basic physics President-elect Barack Obama should know. Muller is author of Physics for Future Presidents and teaches a class at Berkeley by the same name.

Too bad Muller does not go into the details. It would have been interesting to learn what he considers “clean coal”. And what his safe solution for storing nuclear waste is. Perhaps he could explain why the nuclear waste is being piled up next to the nuclear plants here in America if there is indeed a safe way to dispose of it. Or perhaps why he says solar is far too expensive when in fact solar PV pays for itself in as little as seven years. Or why he does not mention solar thermal costs much less than coal or nuclear when the tax subsidies are removed for coal and nuclear plants. Something funny is going on and I bet it has to do with money.

It’s getting to the point anybody with a name can make money by debasing themselves, as in selling their souls, for a bad cause if there is some money in it. As in backing a sick regime whether it consists of rich political thugs or rich energy monopolies. Somehow these famous people should be fined for lying to the public. Boldy lying where no man has lied before. It really is a crime. Who though takes the time to follow the money trails, both the direct and indirect? And who in the public rat-race has the time to care about it? Nobody. Nobody but others doing the same. Watching what the others can get away with. It must be inspirational to them.


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