Ivor O’Connor

November 26, 2008

This Weeks Time Magazine Article on Wind

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The article had some interesting points.

  • It was a Navy veteran at the age of 52. I guess this gives it more credibility than say some other retired person from say the IT industry? (Don’t get me started on the Military Industrial Welfare system.)
  • There is a 30% tax credit in California up to 4K? Is this per year? So the most you can spend in one year on wind turbines is 13K? It’s convenient the company estimates the average install to cost 10-12K then… Even more interesting that an actual installation was about 50% more than expected! However which would you rather have, a new car or a new wind turbine?
  • The article says:

    But watt for watt, small wind is cheaper than residential solar

    How do they get away with these bogus claims? Shouldn’t they mention it really does depend on the wind in your local?

  • They seem to gloss over this:

    “It can take a lot of court cases for a turbine owner just to be sure he can put one in,” says Stimmel.

    Shouldn’t this be the responsibility of the company that installs the turbine?

Notice the Turbine in the article is the same one I posted on a few weeks back!

I certainly would like to get a wind turbine. I wonder if it is as simple as calling a local company and asking for a bid? Would they honor that bid or try to stick you for additional costs if they did not get it right from the start?


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