Ivor O’Connor

November 25, 2008

Dreaming About Running

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This morning while running I was thinking about a simple standardized way of scoring myself. Here are my rules. I may use a 10 minute warm up run before starting a 10K run which must be done using 40 breaths per minute or less. (Or less than 120bpm over 3 minutes.)

The scoring is simple. It’s just based on the average minutes per mile:
A: Less than 37:13 minutes. (Better than a 6 minute mile.)
B: 37:13 to 43:23 minutes. (6 to 7 minute mile.)
C: 43:24 to 47:35 minutes. (7 to 8 minute mile.)
D: 49:36 to 55:47 minutes. (8 to 9 minute mile.)
F: Greater than 55:48 minutes.

I’m thinking most people of normal weight can get a C or better well into their 60s. Then injuries and such probably start impacting them with such regularity regular training becomes difficult.

10K in my mind is the ideal distance. Enough to keep me healthy. It’s possible to almost sprint the distance. And it does not take too much time. Longer distances seem overkill for physical maintenance. However on a Saturday or Sunday I’m not opposed to finding some nice long trail and enjoying life…

(It will be interesting to see the posts from people I’ve run with over the years as they discover I’m writing a blog and I’ve commented on my running ideas.)


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