Ivor O’Connor

October 29, 2008

Obama leads McCain 52-36 in Pew poll

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Obama leads McCain 52-36 in Pew poll

The article goes on to say

The Pew poll found McCain’s support has dropped in all demographic categories except for self-described evangelical Christians, where the Republican held his only advantage.

Hmmm. They left out a key word. It should have read “self-described WHITE evangelical Christians”.

Anyway, both Obama and McCain are controlled by their Wall Street paymasters. They’ll both continue to bring the country down by giving the lobbyists what they want instead of doing what the country needs. What we really need is a Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader in office. People who have been unfairly burned or have had a life long record of doing what is right yet still continue to try.

The problem is people like to only vote for “viable” candidates. That excludes 3rd party. People want to vote for a winner…

I say vote the right way. Don’t be discouraged that a republican or democrat will win the presidency. Instead focus on local issues where your vote has a much better chance of making a difference. If enough people do this then future elections will offer the lemming voters good “viable” choices. The key is to have enough viable choices lobbyists can not afford to bribe them all. When this happens, as it has happened in most of the rest of the World, our country will finally have a chance to be governed by politicians that may have our interests in mind.

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