Ivor O’Connor

October 23, 2008

Too Much Advertising!

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I am going through my daily RSS feed. However when I click on an article of interest my browser freezes up and the computer slows down dramatically. Apparently my 6 month old fancy laptop with two CPUs and 4GBs of memory is not enough. All the fancy animated advertisements on both sides of the news articles takes time to download on my broadband connection and then takes significant resources to display.

The latest example of this bloat can be found at Toms Hardware. I wanted to read up on the external drives offering more than a terabyte of storage but my computer got stuck in advertising land. To combat this I normally click on the “printer friendly” version of the article. Usually the printer formatted version does not have the advertisements. I guess Tom’s Hardware is savvy to this and have made their printer friendly version a feature to only those who have subscribed. So I subscribed and printed it to file in a PDF format. Much much quicker now, using the latest adobe reader software, and the relevant photos for the article are still there.

What is really needed is a new web standard. A standard that considers bandwidth, animated graphics, etc., and your computer to give the user a sub-second experience. Would it be difficult to do? I think a little ajax to determine how quickly things are downloaded and displayed on the client is all that is needed. Then sites like Tom’s Hardware could tailor the advertising to match the clients computer. Just a thought…


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