Ivor O’Connor

October 11, 2008

Yesterday’s review of VMware Workstation 6.5 on linux.com

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I use VMware’s free server edition on a linux machine to run windows software. However I’m always wondering if there is a reason to upgrade to the paid version.

So here are the benefits according to the above article:

  1. “virtual machines with accelerated 3-D graphics’. Does not apply to me since I don’t play computer games. However it might be a VMware lifesaver. In this coming World depression computer gaming will be large.
  2. Seems to fully support CentOS and Ubuntu. However so does the free Server version.
  3. Hot-plug virtual memory and virtual CPUs. The article says it does not work and is not documented?
  4. “Execution Record/Replay” allowing programmers to debug to incredible details. Perhaps this would be a great reason to buy the Workstation version if you were a programmer.
  5. Many incremental speed tweaks. That might be handy. Sometimes my VMware is so slow I have to reboot it. Maybe they’ve taken care of the bugs?
  6. Improved installation.
  7. “Unity”. Very nice but not for me.
  8. VMware ACE. Nice if you have big hardware running three or more operating systems communicating with each other.

Unfortunately the article does not address why somebody running the VMware Server edition would upgrade to the Workstation edition. In other words the author missed his audience. Most of their Linux readers run the Server version.

In my opinion everybody should be running VMware Server. It’s incredible. However VMware needs better marketing. VMware needs to get everybody addicted to their Server edition. Perhaps they should work on including it preinstalled free with all *nix distributions. That would work. Then work on automatic reliable net upgrades. Finally VMware should make it clearer why potential customers might need the Workstation edition. Currently VMware’s website is all splash and no substance. Along with their emails. We don’t know why we’d want to upgrade and we are not going to exhaustively study marketing splash hoping to find relevant details. Until VMware sees the obvious their stock prices will continue to needlessly flounder…



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